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Affordable Machining Services & Reverse Engineering in Westborough, Massachusetts

Turn your ideas for machine parts into reality with assistance from Noremac Manufacturing Corporation in Westborough, Massachusetts. Our operations consist of machining services, welding, and reverse engineering.


Our technicians manufacture machine parts out of aluminum, steel, plastic, titanium, and mono. We can make parts for anyone in the country, and we ship nationally and internationally. For your added convenience, blueprints can be emailed to our location.

A machined part goes into nearly everything, even machines that produce drugs and medication. Our company makes machine parts for every industry, including life science. We are currently making parts for a machine that will reduce the cost of DNA testing.

Machine Parts - Machining Services

Reverse Engineering

If you have a part that needs reverse engineering, our team would be happy to help. For example, if you are having a problem with an old car, you can bring us the piece that is broken and we can reverse engineer it and replace it with an exact copy of what you had.

This service is great for individuals across a wide array of industries who have trouble getting replacement parts for their machines. Not only can our technicians replace your part, but they can also repair your machine.

Industries Served:

• Anti-Vibration Industry • Defense Industry • Power Industry • Semi-Conductor Industry • Paper Industry


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how we can create the perfect replacement parts for your machine equipment.